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Over the years, Sadaplast has built insert molding systems for a variety of industries.

Sadaplast understands that in today’s competitive economic environment, a supplier must deliver his product to the market in the most cost effective and immediate way possible. Our experience can help our customer achieve this goal.

Sadaplast can provide our medical customer with a variety of innovative insert molding systems. Whether the application involves over-molding of sutures for angio plugs, medical needles or a host of other medical products, Sadaplast has the experience to meet our customer’s production needs.


The lengthy process of approving a production system in the automotive industry is nothing new to Sadaplast. Working in close relationship with our customer’s engineering staff, Sadaplast will help them meet the milestones in the approval process. Our experience ensures our automotive customer and smooth and cost-effective process.


Sadaplast has built a range of insert molding and reel-to-reel molding systems for the electrical and electronics industries. Especially in the field of connector molding, Sadaplast continues to be a leading system integrator, integrating Nissei injection molding machines with our own state of the art lead frame automations.
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