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Sadaplast designs its reel-to-reel molding systems for optimal productivity. Be it dual or single strip molding, paper bandolier or any other lead frame design, Sadaplast has the experience to innovate the best possible automation for our customer.

Our continuous strip-molding systems can also perform a range of in-line operations, such as stamping, forming and other value-added operations.

By selecting Sadaplast, our customer gains a partner experienced and proficient in the integration of reel-to-reel technology with injection molding machines.

The advantages of reel-to-reel molding include:
     Lower production costs than manual molding.
     Higher precision.
     Higher repeatability.
     Higher volume throughput.
     Consistently high-quality parts.
     Improved cycle time.
     Pre- and post-molding operations integrated into one work cell.
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